🎨Move Playground

Move PlaygroundThe Move Playground is a web version of the Move VM, Move CLI and basic IDE. This allows developer to write, test, build their Smart Contracts in the browser.

Quick Guide

Create module

  1. 1.Go to Move Playground and create a new project by clicking on "+" near "Projects".

  2. 2.Put the name of your project into the input field.

  3. 3.Click on the created project.

  4. 4.Add a new module to the project by clicking on "+" near the sources folder.

  5. 5.Put the name of the module in the input field, e.g. test_module.move (file extension is required).

  6. 6.Put your Move code inside, e.g.:

module 0x01::TestModule {}Click on the 🛠️ button in the top menu to build the new module then close the console.

Run script

  1. 1.Create a new script similarly to how you created a module (but inside the script folder), e.g. test_script.move.

  2. 2.Put the following code inside:

script {fun test_script(val: u128) {assert!(val == 15, 101);}}

  1. 1.Build it by clicking the 🛠️ button in the top menu.

  2. 2.Navigate to the Run section in left menu.

  3. 3.In the bottom of the screen you can input a script command to execute, e.g.: test_script(100).

  4. 4.Enjoy experimenting with arguments 👩‍🔬

Custom addresses

  1. 1.Click on the 🔗 icon in the left menu.

  2. 2.Add a new address by entering the name and address in the fields inside the popup.

  3. 3.Use the named address in your code.


Playground is currently in alpha stage. The current Roadmap is:

  • Tests in browser.

  • Allow watching a stored resource.

  • Add support for different Move VM networks.

  • Move Prover in browser.

  • Ability to save/share projects and code samples.

Tech stack

The Move Playground is possible due to:

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